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Our flower market has been designed with not only the growers in mind, but with you, the buyer. 

In order to purchase from the Greater Pittsburgh Flower Collective, interested buyers will need to purchase an annual buyers' pass from GPFC for $50 and create a Rooted Farmers account. This site is where all transactions will occur, and Rooted Farmers accounts are free for buyers. GPFC buyers' passes can be purchased at your first pickup. Interested buyers must create a Rooted Farmers account to purchase flowers from GPFC.

Each week product will be loaded to the site buy all collective growers and will be available for pre-order from buyers. Pre-order will halt two days before market day. At this time growers can see what has been ordered and prepare what is needed. 

On market day, growers and buyers will meet at our market which will be located at:


Ruckus Coffee Gallery & Café

1707 Babcock Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15209

Growers deliver their flowers between 7-8AM, and GPFC will sort their product into that week's orders. 

Growers can also bring additional product to the market that has not been pre-sold. GPFC will sort and arrange this product in an easy to shop manner for buyers. 

Our wholesale market opens at 9 AM to buyers. Buyers will review their orders and have the ability to reject any product that is not up to the standards suggested in our online marketplace. 

Buyers can also add additional product that has not been pre-sold to their order. All sales will be processed through Rooted Farmers. A 5% fee will be added to help cover processing and handling fees.

All flowers at the market will be organized into buckets owned by GPFC. It will be the responsibility of the buyers to bring their own buckets. GPFC will transfer the product between buckets and provide water. 


For more information regarding Rooted Farmers, please check out their website! 

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