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Our Membership Process 
*Applications for 2023 are NOT yet open, please be patient! *

Our collective is comprised of flower farmers in the Greater Pittsburgh area who grow flowers with the florist in mind. 

If you are looking to sell wholesale or to consolidate your current wholesale operations, joining a cut flower collective can be a game changer. 

If you are serious about growing flowers to wholesale standards and selling through GPFC, growers are invited to apply for membership. 

If you are accepted into the collective, you will be asked to set up a Rooted Farmers account. All sales of the collective will occur through Rooted Farmers. Think of it as the Amazon or eBay for flower farms and collectives.


A standard Rooted Farmers membership costs $150 annually, but members of collectives are eligible to receive a substantial discount. 

Once your Rooted Farmers membership is finialized, you will be considered an official member of the Greater Pittsburgh Flower Collective and have access to all of our resources. 

Membership Details

Membership is non-exclusive meaning members are not obligated to only sell product through GPFC.


Growers can sell through other outlets freely; although, it is discouraged to think of the collective as a low-priority method of sales.

Members will need to meet participation and/or financial requirements to be eligible for 2023 membership. Your dedication is of the utmost importance! 

GPFC has cut flower standards based on industry standards and feedback from local florists. Members are expected to strive for best flower cut & care practices to ensure premium product is provided to our local florists. 

Members will have access to standardized pricing suggestions as well as cutting guidelines to include proper stem lengths and harvest time. This will take some of the guess work out of trialing new flowers on your farm.


Additionally, members are granted access to a list of desired florals provided by local florists to help crop plan for each upcoming season. 

A Buyers' Pass is included with all grower memberships!


And Lastly, members will be connected with each other to help coordinate, plan, share techniques and most of all foster flower friendships.  

Cost of Membership

Behind all of these wonderful perks, there lies a busy bee to make it all happen, giving you more time to spend in your garden.

GPFC also incurs costs along the way including marketing, equipment and supplies, online processing fees, administrative accounts, and a bunch of little things that add up quick. 

For this, GPFC retains 20% of sales. 

Prospective new members may be subject to a probationary period in which GPFC will retain a higher percentage of sales until they reach minimum sales requirements. 

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